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Know What You Need When Shopping for the Best POS System for Your Restaurant

Do You Have the Best Point of Sale System for Your Restaurant?





In today’s restaurant business, the restaurant POS system you choose to put in place is critical to your brand’s sales growth and cost reduction. Choosing the best restaurant POS software and Point of Sale systems is crucial because the right choice will allow your management team to streamline restaurant operations. The right Point of Sale system can help restaurant managers increase their staff’s efficiency, reduce their store’s labor costs, increase the staff’s upselling opportunities and help protect against food loss through fraud and other means.

If you’re still manually taking your patrons' orders and passing hand-written tickets to the kitchen you’re asking for errors, misread tickets, lost orders, and restaurant fraud.  All this translates to loss of sales and repeat business. However, with the right POS software for your restaurant brand, you can monitor numerous metrics through real-time reporting.

Part of the process of deciding on the ideal Restaurant POS system for your concept includes determining what metrics you want to measure, whether multiple location reporting is necessary, the initial cost layout for your new POS system, and the type of POS hardware you want to employ. 

POS Reporting:

Most restaurant POS systems can provide time and labor-saving reporting of both front of house and back of house administrative metrics.  (Labor, Check Average, Food Cost, Add-Ons per server, Product Mix, etc.)  Determine what level of reporting you want available to you and whether that reporting needs to be accessible remotely (i.e. the corporate office or support center) as you choose the perfect POS software for your restaurant.

Initial Cost Layout:

Consider the ROI and the speed at which that will occur when considering which POS system to choose.  The least expensive may not be the best long term choice for your restaurant if the features and ease of use don’t  equate to optimal cost savings and increase of sales.  Also, be aware that some POS systems will let you use their POS hardware for free as long as you are using their software system.  And most POS system quotes are free.

Types of Hardware:

Choices of restaurant POS hardware you want to consider will include the order entry method.  Will you use a keyboard, touch screen, or hand-held device to input the orders? 

Also, what type of printers will you use?  Impact printers are almost a thing of the past but are still an option.  Thermal printers using thermal paper are much more common and lower maintenance (fewer moving parts).

What security features do you need on your restaurant’s POS system?  Do you want an integrated check reader to verify bank information?  Or will you need a magnetic strip reader for restaurant credit card transactions and employee clock-in/outs?  How about a cash drawer for cash back transactions in the bar or at a cashier station?  There are even fingerprint ID readers that can help prevent time clock and ordering fraud.

While this is not an exhaustive list of considerations, it should help you begin your search for your restaurant Point of Sale system with a basis for your decision.

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